Course image Computer 4
Second Semester

This course aims to equip nursing students with essential computer skills needed in the healthcare field, focusing on PowerPoint for effective communication and SPSS for data analysis.

Course Content:

1. PowerPoint for Nurses:

  • Basics: Interface, creating presentations, formatting text and images, using templates.
  • Designing impactful presentations: Choosing layouts, using visuals effectively, creating engaging charts and graphs.
  • Tailoring presentations for different audiences: Patients, colleagues, healthcare professionals.
  • Presenting confidently: Delivery tips, handling Q&A, using multimedia tools.

2. SPSS for Nursing Research:

  • Introduction to SPSS: Interface, navigating data files, understanding variables.
  • Data entry and cleaning: Importing data, managing and editing information.
  • Descriptive statistics: Summarizing data, calculating means, medians, frequencies.
  • Hypothesis testing: Testing differences between groups, analyzing relationships between variables.
  • Visualizing data: Creating charts and graphs to represent findings.
  • Interpreting results: Drawing conclusions from statistical analysis.

Course image Pharmacology II
Second Semester

This course is a complementary to Pharmacology (1) course. It introduces different types of drugs according to the systems of human body. 

The students gain knowledge about the therapeutic effects of each drug, doses, route of administration, side effects and its toxicity. Diuretics ,   Antidepressant, antibiotics , antiviral, drugs that affect nervous system ,Anti diabetic, anesthesia drugs

Course image Microbiology II
Second Semester

Parasitology is the scientific discipline concerned with the study of the biology of parasites and parasitic diseases, including the distribution, biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution and clinical aspects of parasites, including the host response to these agents.