Medical terminology
Neamah Al-AliMohammed Baqer

Medical terminology

المصطلحات الطبية هي لغة الطب ، وهي لغة عالمية مشتقة من اللغات اللاتينية واليونانية القديمة.

Human Anatomy Theory
Mb.Ch.b.Mayameen Abdualameer DiabDr.Adnan Alwan Abbod Al-HelliDr.Mohummed Ali MDr. Murtadha Ali MahmoodDr.Ali AzeezMohammed BaqerDr Samir FaissalReyadh HenwaDr. Akram Fuad Mohammed AliDr. Haider Nadhemmariam reyadhAhmed Sabry

Human Anatomy Theory

Human Anatomy ...upper limb....introduction and may be osteology

Medical Chemistry
Dr.Asaad AbbasMohammed BaqerReyadh Henwamariam reyadhAssistant Lecturer Zainab Qasim

Medical Chemistry


The main goal is to prepare qualified and distinguished doctors and researchers who are able to provide the necessary medical care to society. The main task is to provide medical students with the theoretical academic basis and practical skills to understand the principles of medicinal chemistry and biochemistry, as well as the biochemistry laboratory in which both the first and second stages are taught, where the biochemical foundations of the biological processes that occur within the human body in normal and pathological situations are clarified in addition to Following the latest advanced practical methods in conducting clinical biochemistry analyzes, as well as preparing scientific and medical research that contributes to community service.

Medical Biology
Dr Sura AL-ShammaMohammed BaqerDr. Nisreen Jawad KadhimDr.Hourah Shafeeq

Medical Biology

Biology is the fundamental unit of science 
Biology course in the first year consists of two terms
During the first term ,the students will learn about the cell structure and function, chromosomes and nucleic acid .
The second term will cover the basic structure of tissues as an introduction to histology .
Both terms will include theoretical lectures as well as practical sessions.
This course aim to provide students with basic knowledge to help them thrive in different areas of medicine.

Medical Physics
M.s.c.Tamara AliMohammed BaqerDr.Ahmed Jummah MM.s.c.Sanaa Mohammed RidhaAbbas Rashid

Medical Physics

Medical physics 

Medical physics  one of physical application  has many departments 

Physics  of radiation 

Physics  of medicine Nuclear 

Physics  of  MRA

Physics  of therapy 

Physics  of laser

Laser application  in medicine. Used in dermatology.  Eye vision 

Professor. Dr.Ahmed jumaah